Happy December Happy Holidays and Thank You!

We hope that December is a great month for ALL. And remember…. if you have a non profit you care about, please go to their Google or Great Non Profit page and give them a nice review. It helps your visibility and theirs. Win Win for ALL.

One of our favorite non profits in Dallas, Tx is Soup Mobile. Find out more: https://www.soupmobile.org

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


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Halloween Candy Quick Facts

172 million Americans celebrate Halloween

29% of all Halloween purchases are made online

Among those who celebrate Halloween, 96% will purchase candy

They will spend about $30.40 on average

Most Halloween shopping is done the first 2 weeks of October.

In Oregon, full-sized candy bars are the norm for trick-or-treaters to receive

Overall Halloween spending was about $10.14B in 2021

Over 50% of parents stash some Halloween candy to enjoy later in the year

Did you know….. “The evening before Halloween was known as All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween. Over time, Halloween evolved into a day of activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning costumes and eating treats.” Read All: https://www.history.com/topics/halloween/history-of-halloween


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HELLO FALL….. Things are changing!

The first day of FALL has happened! The first day of fall 2023 was on Saturday, September 23, in the Northern Hemisphere. This is also known as the autumnal equinox, which is the day of the year when day and night are approximately equal in length all over the world.

We are excited and things are starting to change…. hopefully all for the better!

What is your favorite thing to do in the FALL?

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Goodbye August, Hello September, Happy Labor Day Weekend!

August is ending and September will be beginning! Happy Labor Day Weekend to all!

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July’s Congratulations on another Sold home!

Congratulations Bill Medlock on another Sold home!

Congratulations Bill Medlock on another Sold home!

This wonderful couple closed on their new home in Van Alstyne today. Thank you so much Jessica Jones for letting us be part of their new journey.

Melissa Condensa says:
Yesterday I helped a family close on their first home after they’d been told by at least one other lender that it was not possible. If you work with a local lender who will take the time to review all your documents (tax returns) and ask questions to understand the whole picture you might get a different answer, or at the very least a game plan to follow to allow you to buy in the future. Yesterday was the day for this family!! And a huge shout out to Ven Vraniqi for working tirelessly to find them a beautiful new construction home that fit their budget, and to Tracy Koonce at Lakewood Title Anna for going above and beyond to get around needing an ICC Inspection! And to Paul Tharman for building a great home! In honor of their closing we are giving a donation to Humane Tomorrow to support their work to find homes for unwanted and abused animals in the DFW area. I’m grateful they chose our team so we can give back to our community.

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Goodbye May, June Birthdays & Father’s Day

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18, 2023. How do you celebrate your father (or, honor his memory)? Did you know that Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, and a number of other countries around the world? Treat your dad with something nice!

We would also like to wish all those with June birthdays a very happy June birthday month. We think birthdays are very special! Did you know that the flower for June is the rose?


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Real Estate Humor and The Month of May

A little Real Estate Humor never hurt anyone!

To all our partners and realtors……….

May your May be grand!

May the Fourth be with you and

May you have a fun Cinco De Mayo.

May your mom enjoy her Mother’s Day.

AND if you were born in May….

May you have a Happy Birthday Month!

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Bragging on our Title Company Office in Anna Near A New Wedding Venue!

When you get the chance go see the new venue full of love, details, and southern charm ✨ at primrosehillweddings.com

Our Anna office had a hand in the closing of this beautiful venue in March.

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The month of March isn’t just about celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and the start of Spring.

It’s March—Happy New Year, ancient Romans!

Welcome to the third month of the year—or, if you were born before 150 B.C., the first! According to the oldest Roman calendars, one year was ten months long, beginning in March and ending in December. It may sound crazy…………. READ MORE https://www.rd.com/culture/month-of-march-facts/

It’s the best month for basketball (but worst for productivity)

For civilians, on the other hand, March is known for one thing above all others: brackets. March Madness, as the NBA calls it, runs from March 11 to April 2 this year, and the safest bet you can make is that lots and lots of people will be distracted…… READ MORE https://www.rd.com/culture/month-of-march-facts/

It’s also the best month for vasectomies

March Madness is a cherished time to reacquaint oneself with the couch, especially during the early tournament days when dozens of games unfold consecutively. In other words, it’s the perfect week to recover from a vasectomy! READ MORE https://www.rd.com/culture/month-of-march-facts/

March was named for war—and lives up to its title

So, if so many months were named for their Latin numbers, why wasn’t March called… unumber? Firstly, because that sounds ridiculous, and secondly, because the Gods had dibs on it……READ MORE https://www.rd.com/culture/month-of-march-facts/

Beware The Ides of March unless you’re a cat

We’ve all heard it uttered, but what does “beware the Ides of March” actually mean? On the Roman calendar, the midpoint of every month was known as the Ides. The Ides of March fell on March 15th. This day was supposed to correlate with the first full moon of the year (remember, winter didn’t count then) and marked by religious ceremonies……. READ MORE https://www.rd.com/culture/month-of-march-facts/

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New Lakewood Title Company Reviews and Good News!

We appreciate our clients and want to make sure they are completely satisfied with their decision to use our title company!

Lisa Pearce- Jones says:
Very helpful and friendly staff. ~ https://goo.gl/maps/z4vaQ2PJ6TSGyTmH8

Lakewood Title llc would love your feedback. Post a review to our profile.

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