Summer Home Closings with Hawkins Mortgage Group

Here at Lakewood Title (Dallas Title Company), we are very appreciative for the Facebook mentions from

Hawkins Mortgage Group

“This is our fifth closing with Michael Hollman! It has been an absolute pleasure working with him, and we’re sad that this might be our last closing for a while. Michael, we’re ready for number six whenever you are! Big thanks to Lakewood Title LLC for bringing their A game with all his closings. Great effort all around.” ~ Hawkins Mortgage Group

“Jessica wore the perfect shirt to their closing this morning! She and Brandon really are home now. Congrats to them for closing on their brand new house, and thanks to Lakewood Title LLC for the great closing.” ~ Hawkins Mortgage Group

“Vera and Robert are ready to start construction on their new home after their closing this afternoon. Thanks Lakewood Title LLC for such a smooth closing!” ~ Hawkins Mortgage Group

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